Monday, December 27, 2010

Chapter Three


“So, how is it?”

Jon looked around himself and sighed. “Big. Weird. My roommate is cool though.” He’d been at Dakota two days. He’d gotten a tour, unpacked his stuff, been to the hockey facility and called Callie. “Classes start Monday.”

“Me too. Ugh. How am I supposed to face Critchell’s physics class without you?”

They hadn’t talked about their goodbye. Jon had been rubbing his fingers together, remembering the soft feel of her hair. When he woke up hot and bothered like any teenage boy, the taste of her lips was still on his.

“I miss you,” he said.

“I miss you too. Now tell me about the rink.”

They talked a few times a week. Jon called her cell when he wanted to complain or talk about nothing. But when he called home and got his mom in the kitchen, he always asked to talk to Callie too, just to hear her voice. He was a little homesick and a little lonely, but it didn’t take him long to settle in. Hockey picked up, road games piled on and soon he was calling her late at night, whispering under his roommate’s snores.

“Dex asked me out. I think he was serious,” she said one night.

“WHAT? What did you....”

She laughed. “I told him no, of course, I don’t want to go out with Dex! Gross, Jon.”

“Ohhhkay,” he said nervously. “I’ll talk to him.”

“And say what? They we made out once and now you have dibs on me?”

Suddenly it was a very serious question. He started to say, “Obviously” but caught himself. He had no right to claim her, not from so far away. Not when she was beautiful and blossoming and he’d waited till the last possible second to do anything about it. For the last month at school, he’d been wondering if she might bet tired of waiting for him.

“Uhhh, do I?” His voice was smaller, quieter than he’d intended. Please say yes, please say yes.

“Of course you do, Jon. Don’t be dumb.”

He almost whooped in victory.

“In fact,” she went on, “I am in your bed right now. In my underwear.”

“Callie, don’t....” he said, but his brain whispered Oh God yes, please do.

“And you left some old t-shirts, so I’m wearing one of those too. You don’t mind, do you?”

Jon groaned, making Callie giggle. He was glad she couldn’t see his hand moving down his stomach, under his blanket...

“‘Cause if you want it back, I could take it off.” She rubbed the phone over what was in fact one of Jon’s shirts, miming the soft sound of worn cotton on her skin. He let out a tiny breath as his fingers reached their destination. He didn’t want her to stop for anything, but he was mortified for her to know in case she could tell how often he’d imagined her whispering to him.

“It is kinda warm in here, I don’t really need these blankets either,” she said.
He knew her as well as he knew the bed she lay in. So many times he’d seen her in a swimsuit; he easily conjured the image of her long bare legs, bikini bottom replaced by cotton panties, the exact shade of the skin at the small of her back.

“And if I turn off the light, no one can see if I...,” she paused.

“Callie,” he said softly. It was admonishment for torturing him and encouragement to keep doing it.

“Jon, have you ever....”

He was quiet a moment too. When, or how or with whom would he have done something that Callie wouldn’t know about? Then he realized he’d spent a year at Shattuck and been at college month already - anything could have happened. She’d been wondering if he might get distracted by someone much more available than she was.

“No.” He was a virgin and it didn’t embarrass him to admit it. Between his imagination, the internet and a firm grip, he’d been okay so far. Currently he was doing just fine.

“Oh. Me neither,” she said. But of course he knew that.

“I...,” his voice was sticking in his throat. “I should go if you don’t want to....” If you don’t want to listen to me cum? Suddenly he was ashamed, mortified even but he was too far gone to give up now.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered, her own breath hitching.

Oh God. Jon knew she was touching herself, neither of them with any experience but thinking only of each other. He bit his lip, trying to focus amid the blood pounding in his ears.

“Jon, I want it to be you. When we....”

She wanted him to come home immediately and replace her hand with his, move over her in his own way and be the only thing she’d ever known. Another ragged breath slipped out.

“I’m waiting for you,” he said, working himself strongly now. The only sound left was their breathing, and the occasional soft whimper of Callie’s voice. She closed her eyes tight and felt his hands, saw his face. He groaned quietly, the sound of pleasure and she went right over the edge. Callie gasped, and then a long, low breath sobbed from her lungs. It would have been a cry had they been alone. Her body pulsed deeply, throbbing against her hand, Jon’s voice in her ear milking more and more sensation from her feverish body.

“Callie,” he whispered. “Callie.” With a tiny grunt stifled by the pillow, Jon came hot and hard. He felt her body with his, allowing himself for the first real time ever to imagine what it would be like to meet her soft wetness rather than the stroke of his hand.

They lay silently, hundreds of miles apart, equally spent, messy and shocked by what they’d just done. If the kiss before leaving had been something groundbreaking, this was a cataclysm.

“I wish you were here,” Callie finally said.

“Me too, Cal.”

The world was a little different after that night. Jon hadn’t wanted anyone else, but he felt better knowing that he and Callie had some kind of definition. They were involved. And long-distance was about all he had time for - Dakota was hockey like he’d never known it. School dogged him and he worked hard to keep up, but hockey was like a career.

Callie was busy with her own life - senior year, her parents halfway across the world and the same college applications. Unlike Jon, she needed all the bonus points she could get: student government, sports, plays, volunteer work. Her dad’s salary went a long was in Singapore but it wouldn’t put her through college without scholarships.

“Tell me the list again,” Jon said.

Callie ticked off on her fingers. “University of Chicago, Stanford, UCLA, Ohio State, Minnesota.”

“And North Dakota,” he added.

“They don’t have much of a business program, Jon.”

“Just apply.”

Callie’s father didn’t get a Christmas vacation in Singapore, and they wanted Callie to visit their new life for ten days over her break. She had two weeks off, but that meant she would have almost no time at home. Almost no time with Jon.

“I have games like all the time. I can’t come home until Christmas Eve, and I have to be back on January 2nd,” he said.

“I can’t leave until the 21st, so I won’t be back until New Year’s Eve.”

“So we’d only have two days.”

Callie sighed. “Two days.”

Jon dropped his stuff on the floor of his room and immediately lay down on his bed. Her bed. Their bed. He pressed his nose to the pillow and breathed her scent deep into his lungs. It made him groan with frustration and ache with desire. He slid an arm under the pillow to bring the smell closer and hit something with his hand.

The folded paper said JON and a photo fell out. It was Callie, taking a picture of herself. She was smiling widely - Jon could imagine her trying to be sexy and then bursting out laughing. He’s never seen her so beautiful.

I’m somewhere on the other side of the world right now, trying to eat rice with chopsticks and thinking of you. See you in six days.


PS: Now get out of my bed, you perv.

He laughed at the note, looked at the photo and lay there doing exactly was she’d known he would do.

Callie practically ran down the jetway. She jogged on the moving walkways, dodged carts and hurried down the stairs to baggage claim.

“JON!” she squealed. He was right at the bottom, flanked by his parents. His hair was a little longer but the smile that lit up his face was the same as ever. Callie threw her arms around his neck. She was overwhelmed by the urge to cover his lips with her own, but pulled back at the last moment. “Jeez, you’re getting big.”

He was. The regimen at Dakota was filling out the potential of his size. Jon felt wide and more solid against her chest, his strong arms wrapped around her back. This wasn’t the boy next door anymore, Jon held her like a man.

“You wouldn’t believe the workouts,” he said. Callie swooned a little, her 17-year old hormones surging.

They shared the backseat on the drive home. As Callie told the Toews’ all about her trip, Jon artfully draped a coat over his leg, pulled her hand under and held it.

“Help Callie take her stuff in. Dinner is in ten minutes,” Andree said. Jon carried the suitcase up to Callie’s parents’ door. It was empty but they’d been running heat and water to keep the pipes from freeing. Now it was toasty warm and Callie would sleep there when her nights overlapped with Jon’s stay. She unlocked the door, flipped on the light and BAM.

They were all over each other before her bag touched the floor. Lips parted, tongues met, hands slid over every surface. They tripped into the living room, dropping coats and hats.

Callie went down right under him, onto the couch. Jon let his increasing weight pour all over her. She tasted like mint gum and felt like heaven. She twisted her fingers into his longer hair and held his face close, kissing him like she’d been saving it for months. Jon moved to her ear, her neck, the soft skin at the hollow of her throat. Ten minutes later, the phone in the kitchen rang.

“Grrrrrr,” Jon said, peeling himself from the soft form of Callie’s body. They straightened clothes and put on layers. He smoothed her hair then cupped her cheek while she offered another kiss.

“I missed you,” he said.

She smiled. “You have no idea.”

Jon’s dad dropped them at the bottom of Dex’s driveway. As soon as his headlights were gone they reached for each others’ hands.

“Jonny!” Dex hurried in from the kitchen, pushing party guests out of the way. He wore a ‘Happy New Year’ headband and his parents were in Mexico. Dex gave Jon a bear hug, turned to Callie and clapped her on the shoulder. “Only took him 200 years, eh?” Jon blushed but Callie simply took his hand again. When he’d called Dex from Dakota, he made sure Dex knew to tell everyone: Callie was spoken for.

Jon caught up with lots of old friends. Callie noticed how girls looked at him differently, sizing him up now that he was college guy. His success seemed inevitable which she knew was a big lure for girls like this. She knew almost all of them and most smiled at her like she’d won a prize.

“She fucking waits around here all year all year to see him for two days.”

Callie waited in line outside the bathroom while two drunk girls carried on a loud conversation inside. The first voice was unmistakable.

“Hell, I’d wait longer than that for him,” her friend said.

The door opened and Katie McKenna stormed out.

Jon pulled Callie into his lap for the countdown and kissed her at midnight. The fireworks on TV were nothing compared to what they felt. Twenty minutes later, they said goodbye and called a cab.

Jon gave the cab an address well short of their block. After the car drove away, they took a shortcut and went around to Callie’s back porch. Stealthy steps, a quiet click of the lock and they were in. They weren’t expected home until morning.

Callie led him through the house by memory, not that he needed the help. In her room, she pulled the curtains tight and turned on the bedside lamp so she could see him. For a moment they were both still. Jon wiped damp palms on his pants, Callie touched her hair. She smiled nervously, Jon matched it and then they were kissing.

He hardly knew where to start. Her shirt was thin beneath his fingers as he pulled it off. The lace of her bra raised goosebumps on his skin. It had been so, so long since he touched her, and never like this.

Jon kissed his way down the inside curve of a breast that filled his hand. He fumbled with the clasp at her back until Callie reached behind the open it. She tugged at his shirt, exposing his newly forming physique.

“God you’re gorgeous,” she said.

His hand shook as it opened her zipper, but not as much as when it slid down the front of her panties. They both gasped when his long, thick fingers brushed her clit. Just below that he found a slick heat.

“Jon,” she whispered as he stroked over the cotton. His touch was a world better than her own, which she’d ground against a hundred times thinking of exactly this.

Callie popped the button on his jeans. His erection twitched, painfully constrained. She slid the pants right off his hips so he stood in just his boxers. Matching sounds escaped them as Callie stroked over the soft material for the first time. Jon stood stock still, blood thundering throughout his body beyond his control.

“Oh God, Callie,” he said. She drew courage from that and kissed him as she pressed her hand inside the waistband and onto his bare skin. Jon moaned as her soft fingers caressed his raging flesh. She didn’t want to be scared, but the heft and size of what she held in her hand was intimidating.

Jon needed to keep moving. He pushed her jeans down, helping himself to the curve of her ass. She let him guide her toward the bed. The last time they’d been in this room, he’d begged her to go away with him. He’d wanted to keep her close. But instead what Callie did was the one thing he never asked for, something she’d given freely: she waited.

He lay atop her like he had earlier on the couch, only now barely separated by scraps of fabric. His cock stood between them, throbbing where it forced against her pale skin. He knew he had to go now or they’d be starting all over again.

“Are you scared?”

“A little,” Callie said. She knew a lifetime of sports had probably taken care of her hymen and she was definitely wet enough for the science of sex. But she was nervous.

“Me too,” Jon whispered a smile. He rose to his knees, Callie dragging off his shorts, looking at him fully naked for the first time.

He moved down her body, taking her blue cotton panties. She splayed her knees and let him see her. Jon ran a single fingertip over the place he most desired to be. At the end of the bed, he fished a condom from the pocket of his coat. He kneeled over her and Callie rolled it down his shaft as he pinched the tip. Her hand very nearly made him need a new one.

“Tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop,” he said softy, face close to hers. “I love you.”

“I love you, Jon.”

Callie’s body melted. Jon went slowly until he was all the way in, whispering “God, oh God.” She breathed deeply, uncomfortable but not really in pain. As he nestled inside, she gasped at the discovery of some new places inside her body. She helped him move in and out a few times, testing for something that might hurt. When he stroked a little harder, she gasped.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry!” Jon froze.

“Shhh,” she said. “Do that again.” It hurt, but it also felt good. The more he did it, the more pleasure took the place of pain.

Jon’s mind was a whiteout. Every synapse in his body fired the full color spectrum, leaving him blind to anything but intense sensation and the noises she made.

Like a hot pot suddenly boiling over, Halley came without really know what was happening. She was so overwhelmed that she didn’t recognize the sensation at first - according to the few Cosmo magazine’s she’d bought, it seemed that it shouldn’t be this easy. But the orgasm tore right through her whether she was ready or not.

“Jon!” she cried out, her body clenching around him and filling with slow, deep warmth. Her fingers pressed white against the edges of his shoulder blades as she rode out the storm.

Jon groaned in a low, rumbling voice. The sudden explosion of heat and tension in her body ripped the same response from him. Jon had a total a-ha moment as he came in a whole new way; this is what people made such a big deal about. He kept pumping, draining himself inside her tender core. When he finally flowed dry, he put his face into her hair.

“I love you, Callie. I love you,” he panted. He wasn’t even thinking, just floating like gravity had been suspended.

A tear rolled from Callie’s lashes. She didn’t know where it came from, she wasn’t sad. Jon felt it pool against his cheek. “Are you okay?” he was suddenly concerned. He’d been so lost in feeling that he could have missed something. “Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head, biting her lip against more tears. “No, no I’m fine. I just missed you.”

Jon tried so hard to stay awake so he could watch her sleeping. In the end he lost the fight and Callie saw his eyelids flutter closed. She smiled at her victory, the small lines and angles fading from his face as he slipped into slumber. Lips parted slightly and he pressed his face in close to her neck, breathing her scent, craving her skin even in sleep. Callie lay still and felt the heavy comfort of his body enveloping her. They were naked in twisted sheets, her childhood comforter pulled over them but mostly keeping each other warm.

“I love you,” she said again, quietly as she drifted off.

Some internal clock woke them long before they were due home. They made love again, a little more surely this time, even laughing at few times and trying slight variations. But in the end they were whispering each other’s names and giving themselves up. It was over far too soon.

Callie felt sure that Jon’s parents would know. They had left by her back porch and gone around to the road before walking to Jon’s house. Happy New Year greetings were exchanged, breakfast was served and everything seemed so normal. Except that all she could taste was Jon and an intense, almost liquid desire to be that close to him again.

Jon felt it too. They went to the movies in the afternoon, sat in the back and made out hot and heavy the entire time. The drive home took a very long detour to a well known parking lot where Jon and Callie made good use of the backseat of his parents’ SUV.

“This isn’t...,” he thumbed open the buttons on her shirt, “very romantic...,” her bra opened in his hands.

She pulled off his sweater. “I don’t...,” she made short work of his t-shirt, “give a shit....”

It was a little acrobatic, a little less than perfect but it was enough that when they fell panting to the leather bench seat, stars were still bursting in Jon’s head.

“I don’t think it’s supposed to be this good,” Callie said. “Not at the beginning.”

“All that phone sex paid off,” he licked a salty patch of skin.

Jon invented a lame excuse about a movie marathon and got permission to stay the night with Callie in her parents’ house. He swore his mom saw right through the ruse and said yes anyway - they loved Callie as much as he did, who better to be with their son?

Of course they couldn’t really be together. He was always leaving. They spent their last night together buried in a fort of blankets, making up for 17 years of not being together. They talked and laughed but mostly they were quiet, breathing the same air and sharing the same sensations.

Callie fell asleep first, granting Jon’s wish to watch her. Dark eyelashes twitched against her fair cheeks as she dreamed. He memorized her long, lithe body so he could always remember the solid weight of her leg over his, the arch of her back, the round of her breast. Even the parts he’d seen a million times - her soft lips, adorable ears - seemed like perfect new discoveries.

In the morning, Callie couldn’t help the tears that fell as an orgasm took her breath away. Jon was right there with her, whispering quiet promises and shedding a few tears of his own.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Shhh,” she said. “I’ll be here, Jon.”

They were less sure as Jon piled his bags into the car. It felt like they’d just been in this spot: just found each other, just left, just had a moment and just had it taken away.
Unlike last time, Jon didn’t hesitate in saying goodbye. With his parents nearby doing one thing or another, he unceremoniously gathered Callie in and kissed her for all he was worth. Her mouth covered his, took him in and she kissed him back.

“Love you, Callie.”

“Love you too,” she whispered.

When Jon’s father pulled from the driveway, Callie waved like she had in September. Instead of doing the same from her spot on the steps, Jon’s mom came down and put an arm around Callie’s shoulders.

It was the last time Callie would see Jon for five years.


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